Car Service | 3 Potential Causes Of A Rough Idling Engine

If you find your car bouncy and rough, then you may have a rough idling engine problem on your hands. Rough engine idling could make your entire driving experience poor and unbearable. You will need to identify the cause of the problem before getting repairs undertaken at a professional car service. This guide helps you identify the potential causes of a rough idling engine. Loose Or Broken Vacuum Hose [Read More]

What to Think About if Your Vehicle Warranty is About to Expire

Isn't it weird how your vehicle seems to be problem free until the moment your warranty expires? No one wants to know the regret that goes along with allowing a warranty to lapse and then having to invest in a major vehicle repair. This means you have to carefully consider what you want to do when your properly maintained, virtually problem-free vehicle is about to reach the end of its coverage. [Read More]

Warning Signs of Impending Radiator Repairs

Owning a vehicle means you will inevitably require radiator repairs. The radiator is the component in your vehicle that functions as a heat exchanger. This means that it is also tasked with ensuring the temperatures emanating from your vehicle's engine are managed appropriately so as to prevent any damage to other components of your car. However, the constant use eventually leads to leaks and damages in the radiator. Left undeterred, these damages can significantly impair the functionality of your vehicle or lead to a breakdown. [Read More]

Preparing Your Caravan for Winter

With winter approaching, it is important to start preparations for winterizing your caravan so that it remains in full working order until the following season. Much of this relates to draining the water systems to prevent possible damages from icing, setting-up the internal and external fabric for long-term storage, and ensuring maximum ventilation around the caravan. Damp and air pollution are also other climate factors to consider besides the cold. Therefore, to ensure a trouble-free caravanning next season, ensure your caravan is well prepared for winter by considering the following. [Read More]