How Does the Suspension System on Your Heavy Rig Function?

These days, the engine and transmission systems fitted to a large truck are very well engineered and reliable. With routine maintenance, you can expect them to perform day after day and carry your big rig to the ends of Australia. However, other systems may require some additional attention, especially if you haul heavy loads over testing terrain. What are some of the issues you should be on the lookout for with your truck's suspension system?

Air Suspension

These heavy vehicles are fitted with air suspension systems as they are typically more adept at dealing with the challenge than conventional springs and shocks. Yet, there are more individual parts involved here, and all of them need to work well for your rig to perform correctly.

In brief, the system involves a compressor or a pump that is designed to push air into several inflatable tubes made from rubber. These tubes expand and with the right amount of air in place, will float the chassis and body of the vehicle away from the axle.

Normal System

When everything is running correctly, the onboard ride will be very smooth, and this will reduce the amount of wear and tear on other components. Numerous problems can arise, however, which could quickly lead to a costly breakdown.


Perhaps the number one issue involves air leakage. This can happen when some of the individual seals or valves begin to leak. Many of the connecting parts are made from rubber and can deteriorate, especially as they are exposed to tough conditions.

Sagging Springs

Sometimes, the air springs themselves will malfunction. They may not expand and contract correctly, and a deformity here may lead to a vehicle that appears to sag on one corner.


Always make sure that you stay within the maximum loaded limits for your tractor and trailer. If you do not, this can lead to issues with the springs. In the worst-case scenario, they will burst, leading to a loss of control.

Excess Moisture

As you know, the surrounding air contains moisture, and this will be drawn into the suspension system constantly. However, it will need to be removed as it can otherwise cause internal corrosion and other issues. This is why you also need to keep an eye on the air dryer. If this stops working, then you may begin to notice evidence of rust and will need to take action as soon as possible.

Timely Repairs

To ensure that your vehicle performs as intended and so that you can get maximum productivity from your asset, take your vehicle to a specialised truck repair mechanic. They will repair any issues and get your rig back on the road.