Common Mistakes to Avoid When Driving an Automatic Transmission Car

One invention that changed the entire car industry is the automatic transmission. Initially, drivers had to change gears manually, which required a lot of skill and focus, especially for new drivers. Automatic transmission made driving easier and safer. This might explain why cars with automatic transmission are favoured by professional drivers and people with basic driving skills. That said, some drivers still make mistakes when using an automatic transmission, leading to damages and expensive repairs. Here are a few crucial mistakes to avoid with an automatic transmission car.

Coasting Downslope in Neutral Gear

In 2020, fuel prices hit a seven-year high, thanks to rising international oil prices. Therefore, drivers are continually looking for ways to keep fuel consumption as low as possible to save costs. A common fuel-saving strategy entails engaging the neutral gear when going downhill. While it is true that doing so reduces fuel consumption, the consequences are not worth the savings achieved. Notably, shifting to neutral gear deprives a transmission system of essential lubrication since the oil supply is cut off. As a result, it causes premature wear of a transmission system, especially if you drive downhill daily.

Launching Your Vehicle

Starting and driving a car with an automatic transmission might seem like a straightforward task, but you will be surprised by the number of people who can complicate the process. For example, some drivers step on an accelerator while a car is in neutral gear just to rev the engine. It is prevalent with drivers who want to show off their loud exhaust systems. However, this only leads you to an auto garage since the automatic transmission will be compromised. Launching your vehicle does nothing but stress the transmission system and invites costly repairs. It is advisable to put the system in drive mode and sightly press the accelerator when you want to drive off for controlled energy transfer.

Holing Liquids Close to the Gearbox

One advantage of an automatic transmission car is that you always have both hands on the steering wheel. However, most drivers take advantage of the convenience and use one hand for other things, including holding their coffee cup, soft drink, or water. However, you should refrain from doing so since the chances of pouring liquids inside the gearbox are higher. Unfortunately, this leads to corrosion within the gears, which may lead to a faster deterioration of the system. Therefore, always ensure there are no liquids near the gearbox when driving.

For more information about automatic transmissions, contact a local auto service.