How Can You Elongate the Life of a New Car Battery?

As a car owner, you know that certain parts will naturally degrade and that you will inevitably have to replace them at given intervals. At the top of this list would be the humble car battery, but did you know that if you take certain steps, you may be able to elongate its life and try and avoid any unexpected breakdown along the way? What steps can you take if you're just about to buy a new battery and want to maximise your investment? [Read More]

When Was the Last Time That a Mechanic Looked at Your Vehicle's Timing Chain?

If you drive your vehicle more than the average Australian, you may need to pay additional attention to your maintenance. As you rack up those kilometres, you'll eventually need to closely examine your engine's timing chain, which is a critical component and must be in good condition at all times. What does this chain do, and most importantly, what can happen if it fails? Managing Operations The timing chain helps ensure that your pistons move up and down when they should in order to generate power. [Read More]

How to Know If You Have Air in Your Braking System

If you want to stop your car with maximum efficiency, you need to ensure that the brake fluid within the system is in perfect condition. When it is first installed, you should have little to worry about, but with time, issues can arise, and you may need to take action, or you will surely lose that efficiency. What measures will you need to consider? Air and Brake Fluid Do Not Mix [Read More]

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Driving an Automatic Transmission Car

One invention that changed the entire car industry is the automatic transmission. Initially, drivers had to change gears manually, which required a lot of skill and focus, especially for new drivers. Automatic transmission made driving easier and safer. This might explain why cars with automatic transmission are favoured by professional drivers and people with basic driving skills. That said, some drivers still make mistakes when using an automatic transmission, leading to damages and expensive repairs. [Read More]