Annual Repairs That'll Keep Your Caravan Going for Longer

Whether you love heading to a national park or venturing to the coast, caravans provide excellent opportunities to explore. Like any vehicle, they require regular repairs to reach their full potential. Here are some you should address annually.

Gas Connections

Many caravans rely on gas for cooking and heating. Usually, that gas flows from a bottle to the devices inside the van. Those bottles send gas out at a higher pressure than appliances can handle, so they rely on a regulator to keep everything in balance. If that regulator or associated connecting parts become faulty, they can affect how well appliances operate. For example, you may notice that your fridge doesn't cool as efficiently as expected. Or your hob might not emit gas. Your caravan repair specialist will examine the regulator and associated lines as standard. For peace of mind, ask them to check and repair any devices that rely on gas too.

Delaminating Floors

Your caravan's floor should feel even throughout. If spongy areas appear, it may be because it's delaminating. Usually, delamination happens in areas where damp could affect the floor, such as the kitchen, near the shower, or the door. Over time, this can result in dampness in other areas of your caravan and makes it less stable. If you notice delamination between your annual service, take your caravan to a repair specialist. Otherwise, if the problem appears during a service, ask for immediate repairs. Doing so ensures your caravan stays safe from a health and structural perspective. It also protects its resale value so you can get more money if you sell it.

Damp Checks

It doesn't take much for damp to settle into a caravan. Once it does, it's hard to remove. Caravans are small spaces that accommodate a lot of vapour from activities such as cooking, showering, and drying clothes. When you don't use them during the winter, they also lack the ventilation required to keep damp at bay. Sometimes, there's an ingress in the caravan that's letting water in without you realising. If you notice mould, it's okay to clean it yourself. However, you do need a caravan repair specialist to find the cause and fix it. Usually, mould is a late sign of damp. If damp starts to affect your caravan's structural integrity or mechanical components, you could face bigger problems.

Allowing caravan repair specialists to assess your vehicle each year is the best way to maintain its longevity. If they recommend repairs, it's worth following their advice to ensure it remains roadworthy and lasts longer.