Auto Repair | 3 Indications Of A Failing Power Steering System

Power steering is a common feature in most modern vehicles, making the task of driving far simpler than before. Power steering enables you to consume less energy and feel less stressed as you manoeuvre your car through curved roads, sharp turns and heavy-traffic areas. Your car's power steering is made up of components like the pump, the rotary valve, the power steering liquid and the belt. These components need to be well maintained for your car to run smoothly. [Read More]

Car Exhaust System Problems: 4 Signs Drivers Should Look Out For

Here are 4 clear signs showing you'll need to take your car to the auto mechanic to do exhaust system repairs: Muffling sound The first and perhaps the most common thing that you'll notice when your car is experiencing exhaust system trouble is unusual rumbling sound coming from the system when you are driving the car. The sound is almost similar to that produced when you place some stones in a metallic container and start twirling it around. [Read More]

DIY Tips for Troubleshooting Engine Problems

The three main components that are needed for your engine to work are fuel, fire, and air. The combustion engine must have fuel so that the engine can fire up. Spark plugs generate sparks via a magnet located on the flywheel and this is what constitutes the fire part of the components, while air is what allows the combustion to take place in the first place. If you are experiencing engine trouble, it is best to have a mechanic professionally analyse it. [Read More]

How to Restore Your Car's Headlights

The headlights of cars fog up over time and they no longer illuminate the road as brightly as they used to. This can make you to strain your eyes as you drive at night. Follow the steps below to make those headlights as clean as they were when you had just bought that car. Step 1: Buy a Restoration Kit Visit an auto shop and find out what headlight restoration products they have and buy the one that your auto mechanic recommends as the best. [Read More]