How to Restore Your Car's Headlights

The headlights of cars fog up over time and they no longer illuminate the road as brightly as they used to. This can make you to strain your eyes as you drive at night. Follow the steps below to make those headlights as clean as they were when you had just bought that car.

Step 1: Buy a Restoration Kit

Visit an auto shop and find out what headlight restoration products they have and buy the one that your auto mechanic recommends as the best. You can also buy this product online. Read the user instructions carefully before you get to work.

Step 2: Clean the Headlights

Use any glass-cleaning product you have to clean off any surface dirt that is on the headlights. Leave them to dry, then tape-off the painted parts of the car that touch the headlights. This will save the painted parts from being damaged as you sand the headlights.

Step 3: Sand the Headlights

Use a spray bottle to make the headlights wet then get the sand paper that has the lowest number from the restoration kit. For instance, the headlight restoration kit may have sand paper numbered "1" and "2". Use number "1" first. Sand the headlights for as long as recommended by the maker of the restoration kit, then switch to the higher number (with the finer grit) until you have used all the higher numbers of sand paper.

Step 4: Apply the Polishing Solution Provided

Dry the headlights with a cloth (or what is provided in the restoration kit), then apply the recommended amount of the polishing paste or liquid onto the headlights. Rub or buff the polishing substance into the headlights as advised until you see a marked improvement in their appearance. Dry the headlights with a soft cloth then move to the next step.

Step 5: Apply the Sealer Protector

Use a pad or towel to put a small amount (or the amount recommended in the user instructions) of the sealer protector in your restoration kit onto the headlights. Gently rub that protectant onto the headlights and leave the car for an hour or so until the protectant dries or sets. This will protect the headlights from being fogged very quickly again.

Step 6: Remove the Tape

The final step of your restoration job is to remove the tape that you had used to shield the painted parts near the headlights from the sand paper. You can now test the headlights to see how much brighter they have become.

This procedure can be used for any other lights you have on your car so feel free to use it on those other lights too. If you do not feel up to the job then ask your auto mechanic, such as those at Treg Smiths Auto's Pty Ltd, to restore your lights for you.