Auto Repair | 3 Indications Of A Failing Power Steering System

Power steering is a common feature in most modern vehicles, making the task of driving far simpler than before. Power steering enables you to consume less energy and feel less stressed as you manoeuvre your car through curved roads, sharp turns and heavy-traffic areas. Your car's power steering is made up of components like the pump, the rotary valve, the power steering liquid and the belt. These components need to be well maintained for your car to run smoothly. If you notice any of these signs of a failing power steering system, you will need to head to an auto repair shop immediately to get the problem rectified.  

Squealing While Turning The Power Steering

If you hear a whining or squealing sound when you turn your power steering, this could be a sign that your power steering fluid is lower than normal. Falling levels of power steering liquid could be because of a potential leak or because the liquid hasn't been refilled in a long time. A squealing sound could also arise if the drive belt is worn out or if the steering pump is damaged. If you notice any squealing sound while turning your steering wheel, make sure you head to an auto repair shop to diagnose and fix the problem.  

Steering Wheel Vibrates

A steering wheel that vibrates while driving is an indication that the drive belt is either loose or damaged and needs replacement. This vibration is commonly felt during idling when the steering isn't being used. If your drive belt doesn't have the right tension, it could lead to a failure in your car's power steering pump. If the pulley mechanism is damaged, the belt can slip off and cause your steering wheel to vibrate. You should ideally get your drive belt and other power steering components checked every once in a while at the auto repair shop to check for signs of damage.

Inability To Steer Easily

If you have to make a significant effort while turning your power steering, then it could be because of low levels of power steering liquid. If the steering becomes stiff while driving, it could be because the steering pump is failing. A power steering rack leak or a damaged power steering belt may also affect your ability to steer your car easily. Taking your car to an auto repair shop immediately will prevent your power steering from facing further damage.

Keep in mind that power steering failures could potentially cause fatal accidents, so be sure to head to a professional auto repair shop immediately when you notice any of these signs.