Electrical Gremlins? Could It Be Your Battery Or Your Alternator?

Most people understand that their car needs a battery in order to get going each morning. Yet some people believe that this device is responsible for operating a range of different electrical components, once the car is underway. Unfortunately, the battery is not powerful enough to do this and needs a generator to make everything work correctly. This alternator will, nevertheless, recharge the battery under normal operating conditions. So, if you clearly have an electrical problem, how can you tell if it is the alternator or the battery? [Read More]

3 Signs that Your Car Needs Automatic Transmission Service

An engine is the nerve centre of your vehicle that provides the power to move. While an engine generates the horsepower to run a car, the transmission system gets the power to the wheels. If a transmission system is faulty, your car will simply not move. Therefore, regular maintenance is crucial to avoid issues likely to undermine the performance of your vehicle. Notably, automatic transmission (AT) problems are technical, but with a keen eye and ear, you can identify the faults before thy snowball into significant issues. [Read More]

Bad Vibes When Braking? Time to Take Your Vehicle in for Repair

When you decelerate your car, do you feel as if you are trying to control a jackhammer instead? This can be a scary situation and will invariably get worse unless you take action to solve the problem. What could be causing this sensation and what can you do to get back to normal? Getting Worse If you've noticed a significant vibration whenever you put your foot on the brakes, it's probably linked to faulty brake discs. [Read More]