Important Things to Note About Truck Servicing

Trucks are mostly used for commercial work purposes, meaning they are subjected to heavy road use and might have more servicing needs than a typical vehicle used to get you to work or the store. Here are the different kinds of truck servicing you might need:

Log Book Servicing

When you buy a new truck, you will realise that your truck's logbook highlights important truck servicing requirements. These are put there by the truck's manufacturer to ensure that the components of your truck reach or exceed their design life.

Failure to carry out such servicing requirements can lead to two things: your truck might breakdown multiple times, meaning recurring repair and component replacement costs and voiding your warranty.

Standard Servicing

This is the type of servicing you are used to, where you take your vehicle for oil replacement, oil filter changing, and engine air filter cleaning and replacement. It should be carried out after your truck has covered a particular mileage, usually stipulated by the engine oil you purchase.

You might come across engine oil that can run for 5000, 7000 and 9000 miles. This means that if you purchase engine oil that should run for 5000 miles, change it when you near or reach 5000 miles. Likewise, if you purchase engine oil that should run for 7000 miles, change it when you are near or reach 7000 miles.

Sometimes, your engine oil can become dirty even before you reach the particular mileage required for changing. If this happens, it needs to be changed before your engine gets damaged. That is why it is recommended to inspect your oil regularly, especially if you have a commercial truck that is operated in dusty environments or off-roads.

After-Use Servicing

As indicated above, a truck is mostly used for commercial work, which means heavy road use. It is also used on uneven road surfaces (remote areas/off-road), meaning a lot of vibration and dirt. These are things that can cause truck damage over time.

If you know that your truck has endured such conditions, it needs to be inspected to make sure everything is in good shape before the next use. You don't want it to break down in the middle of work, causing delays that would mean loss of hard-earned money and investments.

Scheduled Servicing

There are times when trucks might remain parked for a long time without use. An example of such a time is if you run a truck hire company and particular trucks have not been hired for a long time. These trucks should be serviced to keep their components active and avoid wearing out that can be caused by immobility.

To learn more, reach out to a local truck servicing company.