What You Need to Know When Applying for a Blue Slip for a Used Vehicle

A used vehicle is deemed unregistered if its registration has expired or it has never been registered in the specific state in Australia. In this case, the car has to undergo a blue slip inspection before it can be re-registered and used in the country. Blue slip inspections are incredibly rigorous as compared to pink slip inspections, which are annual tests for a car's roadworthiness.

You cannot register a car if it doesn't pass the blue slip inspection. Thus, to help you succeed in this task, here are the top things you should know when applying for a blue slip for your unregistered vehicle.

Prepare for the Inspection

Blue slip inspections are thorough checks performed on a car to ensure that it is roadworthy. Some of the parts inspected include the suspension system, lights, braking system, tyres and exhaust. The inspector will also look for leaks and signs of rust, which indicate surface deterioration. If there are any problems with the parts, the car won't pass the inspection.

Thus, before taking an unregistered vehicle for a blue slip inspection, you need to prepare for the process. Consider going to your mechanic for servicing. The mechanic should check the crucial parts to ensure they are in excellent condition. They should also carry out repairs where required. This will save you from failing the test the first time and speed up the registration process.

Gather Relevant Documentation

Besides ensuring that your car is roadworthy, a blue slip inspection also checks for ownership. The inspector checks the car's VIN and engine numbers, the identification and the chassis number. If any of the details don't match what they have in the system, you won't get the slip. You may also have some explaining to do if some of the info shows that the car has stolen parts.

Thus, carry all the relevant documentation for the car. This includes proof that you bought the car or any major replacement parts, such as the engine. Have personal identification documents together with your driver's license and the car's plates (if available) at hand as well.

Get Money for the Process

Getting a blue slip and re-registering your car isn't a free process. For example, in NSW, you'll pay $66 for a safety and identity check or blue slip inspection. Once you get the blue slip, you will pay an annual registration fee of $67 to register your vehicle. 

The blue slip has an expiry date before which you should have registered the vehicle. In most states, you have less than one and a half months to register the car. Thus, have the money at hand so you can initiate the registration immediately after getting the blue slip.

Whether you bought your car in another state or let the registration lapse, you need a blue slip to re-register it. Have these things in mind to ensure a smooth process. For more information on how to conduct a blue slip inspection, talk to an auto service expert.