4 Problems That You May Experience When You Disconnect the Car Battery

Some car owners disconnect the batteries of their cars if the cars are going to remain unused for long, such as when one is going away on a long vacation. However, such a vehicle may develop several problems when you reconnect its battery after coming back from your trip. Such problems may even necessitate that you call for breakdown towing. This article discusses some of those likely problems that you may experience.

Malfunctioning Anti-Theft System

Your car may stall suddenly as you drive after reconnecting its battery. This may be because the anti-theft system that was installed by the car manufacturer has cut the fuel supply to the engine. Such an engine stall can take place when the anti-theft system loses its memory during the time when the battery is disconnected. Consequently, the anti-theft system can start working erratically, causing the engine to stall. This problem can only be fixed if a mechanic who is certified by the carmaker uses proprietary software to scan the system and fix the problem.

The ABS System May Jam

The loss of power to the ABS system can cause the brakes to jam. This is because the ABS system would have lost the data upon which its sensors rely in order to activate the system as you brake hard when you are driving. The loss of data/memory can cause the different modules in the wheels to counter each other's actions until the brakes jam.

Poor Fuel Economy

You may also notice that the fuel economy of your car will worsen during the time when you have just reconnected the battery after your long vacation. This drop in fuel economy may be because the powertrain control module (PCM) will have lost its settings that control how fuel is mixed with air in the engine in order to provide power to the car. However, this problem can gradually correct itself as the PCM collects fresh data about the car's performance characteristics.

Malfunctioning A/C System

The climate control module of your vehicle may be reset automatically when you disconnect the battery and cut power to the electronic systems in the car. It may be necessary to use a specific restart procedure in order to restart the climate control module so that the A/C can start working again.

As you can see, your car may develop several complications when you reconnect the battery after you had disconnected it for a long time. You should therefore call for breakdown towing in case you notice several of the problems above once you start driving your car after reconnecting its battery. An experienced mechanic from an auto shop like Timber City Motors will then diagnose and fix all the problems that resulted from the disconnection of the battery.