Car Service | 3 Potential Causes Of A Rough Idling Engine

If you find your car bouncy and rough, then you may have a rough idling engine problem on your hands. Rough engine idling could make your entire driving experience poor and unbearable. You will need to identify the cause of the problem before getting repairs undertaken at a professional car service. This guide helps you identify the potential causes of a rough idling engine.

Loose Or Broken Vacuum Hose

If the vacuum hose breaks or is loose, then the vacuum pressure reduces inside. In this instance, the computer will find it difficult to regulate the air to fuel ratio. This leads to an uncontrolled flow and pressure of the fuel, which may ultimately cause a rough idling engine. Your car's 'check engine light' will turn on when you have a broken or loose vacuum hose, so you will need the car service to look at the problem as soon as possible. Apart from rough idling of the engine, your car may experience slow acceleration and lack of power. A hissing sound accompanied with rough engine idling is usually a key sign that your vacuum hose is loose or broken.

Clogged Filters

The role of a filter is to remove out any contaminants in the fuel. Dirty or clogged filters can damage the fuel pump and can reduce the fuel efficiency of your engine. Filters get clogged over time thanks to dirt or debris collecting inside, which may result in rough engine idling. A clogged filter is usually easy to identify because you will not be able to see through the filter materials, which is usually translucent. You will need a car servicing company to change your air and fuel filters. Once this happens, your rough idling problem should disappear.

Defected Spark Plugs

Spark plugs provide the much-needed spark to ignite the air-fuel mixture in your engine for running your car. A faulty spark plug will eventually lead to a faulty ignition system –– thanks to deposits on the electrode or poorly synchronised sparks. If your spark plugs are defected or damaged, then the engine will produce a jittery sound with vibrations, which leads to rough idling. Spark plug wires can go bad because of oxidisation. Apart from spark plugs, some faulty electrical wiring connections can also cause rough engine idling in your car.

You could end up with rough engine idling for a variety of reasons, but these are typical causes behind the problem. Make sure you take your car to a car repair service to get the problem fixed before it comes worse.