Warning Signs of Impending Radiator Repairs

Owning a vehicle means you will inevitably require radiator repairs. The radiator is the component in your vehicle that functions as a heat exchanger. This means that it is also tasked with ensuring the temperatures emanating from your vehicle's engine are managed appropriately so as to prevent any damage to other components of your car. However, the constant use eventually leads to leaks and damages in the radiator. Left undeterred, these damages can significantly impair the functionality of your vehicle or lead to a breakdown. The good news is that the radiator does not simply stop working spontaneously. There are always warning signs to look out for. Here are some of the warning signs of impending radiator repairs.  

The coolant levels in the radiator have dropped

Your radiator's coolant functions to absorb the excess heat tat emanates from your vehicle's engine. Typically, you are required to top up this coolant occasionally to ensure that it is sufficient to keep your engine from overheating. However, if you have been doing this yet find your coolant keeps dropping drastically, chances are there is an undetected leak in your radiator. It is best to take your car in for an auto service so a mechanic can establish the reason for the dropping coolant levels and remedy it before any damage is caused to your radiator.

There are puddles beneath your car's engine

If you keep noticing puddles forming beneath your vehicle when it is parked, chances are this indicates a faulty radiator. One sure-fire sign of this is greenish fluid with a slimy consistency that keeps pooling beneath the engine. Do not touch this fluid, as it is toxic. However, it should be eliminated from your driveway if you have children or pets, as it is hazardous to their health. Any signs of this fluid indicate an underlying problem with your radiator that will need to be addressed before it becomes exacerbated.  

There is corrosion on the radiator 

It is prudent to regularly inspect your radiator for signs of corrosion. One of the conspicuous signs to look out for is discoloration of this component. This is especially visible on the underside of the radiator. Discoloration often means that there is a leak in your radiator. The leak may not be making its way out to puddle beneath the vehicle, but it will be coming into contact with various internal components hence putting your vehicle at risk of malfunction. These leaks typically spring up from a compromised radiator hose, which can easily be replaced by an auto mechanic.