Cleaning A Vehicle's Cyclinder Head

A vehicle's cylinder head has quite a complex design. Due to this, it can be difficult to get into all the spaces and holes when you are trying to clean the head as part of a DIY project. Although there are many products available in car stores and DIY shops to enable you to clean the cylinder head, there are a few homemade remedies that you can use to save you money. This article looks at how to save money and clean a vehicle's cylinder head at home.

Start By Washing With Dishwasher Solution Or Oven Cleaner

Once you have the cylinder head out and ready to clean, start by applying a solution made from either dishwasher cleaner or oven cleaner. Both of these substances are great for removing the built up sludge and oil. Use a clean rag and a soft bristled brush to work the solution and lift the grime. After wiping down the cylinder head with a clean rag, you should see a noticeable difference.

Submerge The Head

There are two stages to go through in order to remove the built up dirt and grime from the many passageways and galleys built into the cylinder head. First, get a tub that you can place the cylinder head into and cover with water. Add some detergent (caustic soda will also work and is inexpensive) and allow the cylinder head to sit submerged in the solution. Keep it submerged for about ten minutes. This will loosen the grime.

Clean The Passageways

Once you have lifted the cylinder head out of the tub, place it on a secure surface. Get an old toothbrush, dip it in the detergent solution, and scrub inside the passageways and galley. You should be able to loosen the rest of the grime that was missed when sitting it in the tub. You may have to give some areas more of a scrub than others; a good bit of elbow grease should suffice.

Remove The Last Grime

After scrubbing the cylinder head, use another clean cloth (or two, as the case may be) to remove the remaining dirt and grime. Wipe away grime from the hole edges and passageways. By now, the cylinder head should be looking nice and clean.

Let It Dry

Before attempting to put the cylinder head back into the engine, let it sit out in the sun until it has dried. This usually takes an afternoon or so, depending on your location and the strength of the sun.

If you have a hand held pressure washer, you can use this during the steps to remove loosened grime and dirt as you go. For more tips on caring for your cylinder head, or if you want to leave the work to the professionals, contact a local auto service like Reconditioning Services