Two Types of Tasks Mechanics Do When Performing Car Air Con Servicing

Here are two types of tasks mechanics usually do when carrying out car air con servicing. They'll do a full inspection of the air conditioning system As part of this servicing process, the mechanic will do a full inspection of the vehicle's entire air conditioning system. For example, they'll check the pressure of the system's refrigerant, using a specialist pressure gauge, to ensure its pressure level is acceptable. If the car owner has expressed concern about a potential refrigerant leak, the mechanic may also use leak-detecting equipment to see if this fluid is leaking. [Read More]

Why Do Trailer Wheel Bearings Fail?

If you're a boat owner or an avid traveller who loves towing your RV or trailer, you know that taking proper care of your equipment is crucial. After all, you'll want to ensure the safety of both you and your cargo during transport. However, the wheel bearings are one of the most pressing problems for trailer owners. When these small yet mighty components are in tip-top condition, they ensure that your trailer's wheels spin efficiently, avoid overheating and prevent the risk of wheel-end breakdowns on the road. [Read More]

How Do You Service the Wheel Bearings on Your Car Trailer?

Owning a car trailer gives you the freedom to transport your car wherever you need it to go. But with that ownership comes a certain level of responsibility and maintenance. For example, one of the things you'll need to do is regularly service your wheel bearings. But what's involved in order to do this type of job safely and correctly? The Basics of Wheel Bearing Servicing Wheel bearing servicing involves lubricating and cleaning the components of the wheel, including the axle and hub assembly, as well as inspecting for any wear or damage. [Read More]